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Premah was a blog that ran from 2010-2019. It’s full of great music downloads, all LEGAL and FREE. I’d like visitors to use it like a free music store. Look around, see what you find, and pay whatever you want to download everything and anything on the site.

About Me:

I’m simply a music collector. I buy a lot of music at my local record shops, but I also love finding good/legal/free music on the Internet.

In 2010, I started a blog called Free Music Is Awesome with the simple idea of letting people know about the music I’ve found, but after a redesign where I added sections for my favorite artists and the most popular albums on the site, I decided a change was in order.

Like anyone, I have my own personal musical tastes. What I like can generally fit into one of 6 Categories:

P = Punk
R = Rock
E = Experimental
M = Mellow or Ambient
A = Acoustic
H = Heavy Metal

Posts on the site were only from artists that allowed their music to be downloaded for free or a donation ($0 minimum). Music fans love discovering new music but they don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it. For people to hear it, it simply needs to be be well organized and easily accessible. That’s what this site was about.

After 9 years, 2,613 posts, and hundreds of likes on Facebook (ok, 190), I decided to close the blog. Anyone still interested in connecting musically can follow me on bandcamp.

Lawyers please note: I do not host these downloads, I’m simply telling you where to find them. In all the years running it I never ran into any legal issues and any I complied with any artist that requested I remove a post.

I try and keep up the integrity of the site, but it’s more for historical purposes now. I hope you enjoy what you find.


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