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Premah is a blog full of great music downloads, all LEGAL and FREE. I’d like visitors to use it like a free music store. Look around, see what you find, and pay whatever you want to download everything and anything on the site.

About Me:

This blog is a one man operation. I’m simply a music collector. I buy a lot of music at my local record shops, but I also love finding good/legal/free music on the Internet.

In 2010, I started a blog called Free Music Is Awesome with the simple idea of letting people know about the music I’ve found, but after a redesign where I added sections for my favorite artists and the most popular albums on the site, I decided a change was in order.

Like anyone, I have my own personal musical tastes. What I like can generally fit into one of 6 Categories:

P = Punk
R = Rock
E = Experimental
M = Mellow or Ambient
A = Acoustic
H = Heavy Metal

Posts on this site are only from artists that have allowed their music to be downloaded for free or a donation ($0 minimum). Music fans these days expect musicians to give away some of their music, but it doesn’t mean that they’re going to give away everything they’ve done or that they don’t deserve to get paid for what they they produce. What it does mean is that for people to hear their music it must be well organized and easily accessible. That’s what this site is about.


To suggest I check something out, let me know of a dead link, or just say “hi” send an email to Please keep in mind:

· I will not post any “temporary” downloads. I only want to list something if the artist intends to permanently make it available for free on the Internet. If they remove their music or start charging for it, I delete the post. I don’t want to put up an album only to have to take it down later.

· I typically like to post full length albums and EPs. I usually won’t put up single tracks, demos, or samplers. I usually make exceptions for things like exclusive songs or samplers from free music sites, but generally I like each post to be a full listening experience.

· I’m only into certain types of music. If you’re describing your suggestion as electronic, country, rap, r&b, or pop I probably won’t even listen to it. Even if I do take a listen, that’s no guarantee that I’ll be posting it on the site. Sometimes I simply don’t like the music suggested to me. Instead of sending hate mail, go start your own blog.

· I live in the southern part of Maine in the United States. I’m much more apt to post something from my area of the world than anywhere else. I even created a category to organize all the local albums available.

· If you’re making a suggestion, please include as much info as possible. I need six bits of info to post an album: the year released, the track listing, the band’s location, the band’s website, some similar artists, and links to the download.

Lawyers please note: I do not host these downloads, I’m simply telling you where to find it.  If you notice a broken link or any inaccurate information then please send me an email. I hope you enjoy what you find.