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For the last 9+ years I’ve done a free music blog called Premah Free Music, posting albums and EPs from artists that have allowed their music to be downloaded at no cost. As a music collector, I started the blog simply to let people know about what I’ve been putting in my collection and listening to. I added a sections for News & Reviews, Suggestions, Top Albums, and Featured Artists.

I liked working on it for a long time, but I’ve decided I’m not going to do it anymore. Almost everything posted on the site in the past year has been on bandcamp, and anyone interested in what I’m listening to can just follow me there.

Besides bandcamp and soundcloud becoming the go-to places for artists that simply want to be heard, there’s also been a big change in how people listen to music since I started the blog. With the wide varienty of streaming services available, I feel like almost all music can be heard at little or no cost by anyone with an internet connection.

I’ve done a final update by putting up a great batch of new Featured Artists: Amanda Palmer, Jeff Rosenstock, Perturbator, GosT, and Rosetta. I can’t think of a better set of musicians that represent what I thought the blog should be. The year-end list for 2018 has been posted and I’m happy to see the 1985 Scavenger album Battlefields came out on top. It was one of my favorite finds of the year and I’m so happy a lot of people might have discovered it because of the blog.

I might work on individual posts to keep the integrity of the blog intact, but I won’t be doing any new ones. I want to thank anyone that might have checked out the blog over the years. I wish you all happy listening.

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