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Australia’s John Zorn loving metal/jazz outfit Kurushimi are planning a series of EPs. Here’s the announcement on their Facebook page:

As a lot of you are probably aware, we are in the process of making our next full-length album.
The album is shaping out to be a little different to our past releases, and has a number of awesome guests.
We hope you will dig it! That’s the thing with Kurushimi, we never know where the music will go, it’s always exciting!
It’s taking longer than initially planned, but that’s OK…

in the period prior to the new album’s completion/release, I’ve decided to put together a series of special EPs, under the title of the ‘Kikan’ series.
It is undetermined as to how many there will be, but currently 3 are in the works. Maybe even a collaboration with another band? Not sure yet..

EP #1 is currently sitting at around 45 minutes in total, which could be classified as a full-length… but anyway…

These EPs will be out via the legends at Art As Catharsis, and will be a ‘Name Your Price’ download (only).
Even though they’re a Name Your Price purchase, we hope you’ll put down a few $$ for them (but no worries if not), as I’m hoping to use the funds made from the series of EPs to assist with the new full-length album costs, or maybe a new run of T-Shirts?
Not begging or anything, but it all helps in keeping us doing what we do…

Watch this space for EP#1 announcements…

Thanks again for the support,
– Morts


The band released their self-titled debut album last year, as well as an EP.

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