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Month In Review: March 2017

Monster Truck Rules…. Again!


The Canadian rock band’s 2010 debut EP is the most visited post for the month, knocking the Bantha Rider debut from the top. It was also the most visited post last year (2016) and is currently on top of the All-Time Chart. Simply dominant, as this is the first time any album has held the top stop in all three charts at the same time.

March was a month where I got caught up on a lot of previously released albums I missed in the past few years. Music from the likes of Candy Hearts, Bangers, Antique Scream, Zombie Fight, Robber & Thief, Cryptic Overcast, and Cynicism Management. The suggested downloads included the debut EP from Spain’s Olm and the amazing new album from Flesh Of The Stars, certain to show up on some year end top 10 lists.

There was also brand new music from The BourgeoisFarmertan, Sumerias Fain, Dollar Signs, and Pink Drinks. Always great to have fresh tunes.

It’s hard to say goodbye, but 2 bands featured in the past have now broken up, The Last March Of The Ents and Burners. They both posted their final releases this month.

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